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Places and Companies I have done work for:

-Templo Nueva Vida Christian Church

- Luna Rosa Puerto Rican Gril

- Blue Lotus Bar

- Burbank High School Class of '77 Reunion

- Murals In Uvalde at Robb Elementary

- Al's Auto Repair Shop

- Gibby's Icehouse

- Deja Vu's Sports Bar

Everything I Can Do:

Charcoal/Graphite, Acrylic/Oil, Mural Work, Sticker Making, Logo Design, Graphic Art, Social Media Marketing Templates, Flyers, Apparel Design, Body Painting, Make-up, Hair and much more!

About The Artist


Painter, Graphic Designer and Creative.

I’m 31 years old and have been a professional, self-representing artist for over 13 years; working from San Antonio, Texas where I was born and raised.


I have been drawing since a very young age! Portraits are my favorite and I still do a massive load of them as commission work for clients! I started commissioning my art around the age of 15 and from there my processes and creative skills have blossomed.

I love all forms of design and the creative industries but interiors have become my go to. There's something about how a space can make you feel that I find so motivating! 

With health and fitness being a massive part of my lifestyle, I find my work today being a lot about self awareness. Whether that's our physical bodies and the way we look, or our minds and the way we feel. Knowing ourselves is a process that is a constant lesson and I aim to aid that with Art. 


If you've just read through all of that, thanks! lol!

Hopefully you feel like you know me a bit more! and If your intrigued about creating a piece of art feel free to contact me!!


2021-11-09 01_57_18.380-0600.jpg

Behind the Art

My inspiration comes from a desire to inspire others to explore themselves and find freedom in expressing who they are. I believe that everyone deserves to feel embraced as they are and feel comfortable in their skin

Being a Creative that does many styles of art there are so many different reasons why I do what I do. Also, why I LOVE WHAT I DO! I believe that life is an adventure and there is an abundance of inspiration all around us

Being able to do mural work or commission portraits are pretty self explanatory as to why I love to do them so much! Creating lasting memories for those who request them is one of the most amazing feelings.

As mentioned above most of my art pieces are of the physical body, for these

I aim to offer a space for you to see yourself in the subjects I paint; these bold, authentic and confident people who are eager to shine bright (most pieces glow under blacklight) in the world vibrantly and with enthusiasm.


My chicana styled art (mainly my stickers) are a way for me to show my playful side that seems to really connect with y'all! Stickers have definitely been my most bought items and I enjoy seeing my work on tumblers, journals, laptops, etc. 

Uvalde 21 Healing Mural Project with Houston artist Cease Martinez

Worked on July 9-11 2022            Mural is located at the intersection of Main and High St.

Portrait Work

Chicana Style

Figure Paintings

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